The worlds first smartphone telescope

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Turn Your Smartphone Into A Smart Telescope

Harnessing the power of your smartphoneand our cutting-edge technology, Hestia enables you to capture the brilliance of the Sun, the enchanting beauty of the Moon, and the captivating depths of the Universe

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Browse the sky, and reach your favourite stars

Lost in Space? Don't worry, we've got it covered.Gravity by Vaonis integrates an interactive sky map to help you find your way in the Universe.Explore the constellations, learn to recognize the sky around you, and find an object that piques your interest. Whether you select a star cluster, a galaxy, or a nebula, our skymap guides you to your target with precision. Just put your smartphone on Hestia, follow the lights to correctly align your telescope, and be ready to capture what's invisible to the naked eye.

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How does Hestia work?

Hestia is everything but complex. Attach Hestia to its tripod and align your smartphone’s main camera with Hestia's ocular with the help ofGravity by Vaonis. Pick your destination and let the app guide you to find it.

And voilà! You are ready to go and enjoy the beauties of the Cosmos.

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Navigate the Cosmos with Gravity by Vaonis

Our new app is designed to assist you on your space adventures, Day and Night, guide you to the stars with ease, and bring you exciting content. So, buckle up, get cozy, and dive into the cosmos.

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Seize the Day & the Night.

Hestia is made for every target and moment. Enjoy the treasures of the Sky whenever and wherever you want.


Shoot the moon, land among stunning photos

Every rendezvous with the Moon will now be a very emotional experience. Discover every facet of our planet's beautiful and intriguing satellite.

Patented Optical Design

With its patented six-lens optical design featuring a 30 mm (1.2 inch) objective and prisms to collect and focus the light directly into your smartphone's camera sensor, Hestia pushes back the limits of miniaturization.

Travel friendly and lightweight

In the backyard, near a lake, to the top of a mountain. Where will you witness the beauty of the Cosmos?


500g (1.1lbs)


17 x 24 x 5.5cm (6.7 x 9.5 x 2.2 in)


30mm (1.2 in)




Moon, Sun, Bright Deep Sky Objects


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